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Mulberry silk white factory silk raw silk and cooked silk发布日期:2016-07-27

Silk of mulberry silkworm is the difference between raw silk and cooked silk. Commonly known as silk, machine reeled also called factory silk, hand reeled called earth silk, the Japanese like to call raw silk.

Mulberry silk is divided into raw silk and cooked silk, the difference between raw silk and cooked silk lies in whether it is degummed or not, raw silk is removed by boiling in soap solution, reeling, reshaking, finishing and becoming cooked silk, and raw silk is the raw material for silk thread or fabric production, which is used for weaving silk and satin.

raw silk

Cooked silk is used to make a silk quilt or cotton-padded trousers, known as silk cotton.

Raw silk can be dyed, but it is easy to decolorize, cooked silk stained with color ability is better, will not produce discoloration and uneven phenomenon.

Mature silk is divided into: the best manual silk cotton, silk cotton mechanism (mechanism silk cotton top price and manual silk cotton price is about the same).

There are other raw materials, such as: cocoon flower (so-called cocoon clothing is the surface of the cocoon that few tangled silk, in the silk reeling, need to use the machine to cut off the tangled silk, this is called cocoon clothing, this is absolutely mulberine silk, but it is a short silk)

Cocoon, cocoon is so-called JianHua through mechanism into a whole,), and slag (so-called foot slag is in the production of handmade silk floss, workers to extract the silk, get rid of silkworm chrysalis, due to the manual operation, get some silk attached on silkworm chrysalis into the water, mixed up at the end of the day also has a certain weight in the silkworm chrysalis, those people and then remove the silkworm chrysalis, extract the silk).

However, only manual silk floss and mechanical silk floss can be used to make brand silk quilt, and other several kinds of silk spinning materials are used in the line.

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