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Advantages of silk quilt发布日期:2016-07-27

Silkworm silk is the continuous long fiber produced by the secretion of silk fluid coagulation during the cocoon formation of mature silkworms. It is also called "natural silk". It and wool are same, it is one of animal fiber that mankind USES earliest, differ according to food, cent mulberry silkworm, tussah silkworm, cassava silkworm, camphor silkworm, willow silkworm and day silkworm wait. The filaments drawn from a single cocoon are called cocoon filaments, which are made of two single fibers bound together by sericin. The cocoon silk of a few silkworm cocoons is drawn out, borrow silk glue agglutinate the silk strip that wraps and becomes, have mulberry silkworm silk (also call raw silk) the cent with tussah silk, total name is silkworm silk. Silk that removes sericin is called refined silk. With them as raw materials, various kinds of fabrics can be made by weaving machines. The silk of mulberry silkworm that says commonly, it is the silk that grows mulberry raises the cocoon that silkworm knot to draw out, this kind of silk colour and lustre is white in take yellow slightly, feel exquisite, smooth, have a light animal fiber peculiar odour.

Mulberry silk produced by the brand silk is particularly soft, close-fitting, handmade laminated silk is more durable. Another kind of silk is tussah silk, it is used tussah cocoon silk. Tussah silkworm commonly known as wild silkworm, mainly lives in the northern region, it is artificially raised in the wild tussah forest, tussah leaves for food. Compare with mulberry silkworm silk, the color of tussah silk is darker, fiber is thicker, its instinctive quality is black gray, the ability after needing bleach makes the silk that becomes consumer place to accept is by, although finished product appearance and mulberry silkworm silk are similar, the quality of both, price has very big difference however.

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Above all, what say silkworm silk is pointed to by manufacturer normally is mulberry silkworm silk is by, what use is mulberry silkworm silk, mulberry silkworm is the domestic silkworm that is staple food with mulberry leaf, the silk colour and lustre that mulberry silkworm spits out takes yellow inside white, feel exquisite, smooth, the quilt that USES this kind of silk to make is soft, close-in. Mulberry silkworm silk is by undulate degree, warmth, breathable degree, be had better than tussah silk, service life is long than tussah silk, the service life of silk of a mulberry silkworm is in about 10 to 15 years, and tussah silk is by can use two to 3 years only.

There are generally seven steps to follow when selecting. A look: the silkworm silk of a lot of manufacturer is marked on the market 100% silkworm silk, this is to have a problem, because mulberry silkworm silk is by and tussah silk can be called by silk. Two check: high grade silk should be milky white slightly yellow, silk surface has downy burnish, do not blacken, do not send acerbity, the flocculent broken silk that interior does not have a group is broken. Three pull: from seal sample mouth pull out a little silk, if very good pull, it is mostly false. Four burn: burn with lighter whether to have charred feather flavor. 5 knead: knead the silk that looks sample mouth first with the hand, knead other place next, if feel is differ, proof was added inside other composition. Six pressure: the silk is folded after a hard pressure, whether the rebound is relatively slow. Seven smell: mulberry silk by a light fragrance.



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